The Healthy Leadership Project

What we do

How can you engage with our distinctive approach to team and personal development?

What we do

We offer leadership and team development workshops and coaching with a difference. We have many years background in traditional leadership training and are excited to be pushing into approaches that engage with the whole person – mind and body. Our clients tell us our workshops are like nothing they have attended before.

What you get

We help you and your team focus on achieving high performance and being effective whilst enjoying a sense of wellbeing and resilience. Through our interventions you will develop flexible teams that are able to deal with high pressure and challenging people. You’ll come away with a completely different way of thinking and a culture of people taking effective action.

How we do it

We offer half-day, one day and multiday classroom based opportunities to facilitate big changes for both individuals and teams. We can also take you away from the workplace for one or two days to a rural retreat centre with space and access to nature allows us to work with the team in even more effective and generative ways. The workshops and the retreats both re-energise, re-envision and evolve the culture of your team.

The experience

Can you achieve high performance whilst cultivating well-being?
Knowledge is just a rumour until it's in the muscle

The Healthy Leadership Project is an innovative, experiential training programme to cultivate leadership and team effectiveness from the inside out. We bring a pragmatic and accessible approach to working with the body and mind that helps leaders understand themselves, develop greater emotional intelligence and experience what ‘balance’ means to them and their teams. We focus on achieving high performance whilst maintaining wellbeing. We aim to leave leaders with useful tools and a completely different way of thinking that brings lasting change to them and their organisations.

There’s a lot of talk about both self-awareness and well-being, but in reality not many of us really understand ourselves; what triggers us, why we react to certain things and how can we achieve balance and flow in life and work. The result is that most of us really struggle to find solutions that fix things at a deeper level.

The Healthy Leadership Project creates space to explore these issues. bringing together mind and body, pragmatism and heart to look at more focussed and compassionate ways of leading. And by enabling you to reach your full potential, we help you to unlock the full potential of your team. New perspectives always illuminate new solutions.

  • Human not corporate

    We deliver tailored nontraditional leadership training to change-makers in forward-thinking organisations. Aggregating skills, experience and cross-sector insight, we bring fun and pragmatism to what is sometimes considered a pretty wooly area of training: working with the mind, body and heart.

  • Holistic not hippy

    Working with the whole person as an embodied system, BLP training empowers leaders by equipping them with a completely different way of thinking. You’ll come away with a new perspective on yourself, your leadership and those you work with. And useful tools that remain with you long after the training, bringing lasting change to you and your team.

  • Meaningful leadership

    Our big thing is a world where businesses and organisations are better able to contribute to a healthy, happy and productive society. And we believe this flows quite naturally when leaders invite others to follow, through their own sense of self and the actions they take. By growing emotional intelligence and agility in leaders, we create an environment where shared learning and collaboration accelerates change in areas that really matter.

The Team

We have experienced training the traditional way, now we are doing something different
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Toby Buckle

Toby has twenty years experience in management and leading and is a certified trainer of NLP with a Bsc Hons in Management Science (UMIST).
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Alistair Duncan

Alistair Duncan has thirty years of leadership and training experience in both corporate and community sectors with one of the best NLP educations in the UK.

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